Running Docker on Ubuntu

May 11, 2022 Software 0 Comments 2 min

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recently, I install Docker on Ubuntu. Installation was quite straightforward but when I tried to run a command, it spat an error back at me that had me perplexed.

Weird Al

January 20, 2022 Science 0 Comments 3 min

Reading Time: 3 minutes How the American spelling of aluminium came to be and why, for once, the Americans got it right.

Using Xcode for OpenCV projects

June 6, 2020 Apple Software 2 min

Reading Time: 2 minutes OpenCV is the most mature computer vision library in the world. Xcode is the best IDE on macOS. OpenCV is written in C++ and various bindings (first- and third-party) exist for most popular language. I prefer to work in C++. Although Xcode has excellent support for C++ projects, getting it to play nicely with OpenCV is rather tricky.

API Gateway + Lambda

May 16, 2020 Architecture Software < 1 min

Reading Time: < 1 minute API Gateway is a fully managed service to create, publish, maintain, monitor and secure APIs. Lambda is a function-as-a-service product. The two can be combined to create serverless, cost-efficient and infinitely scalable APIs.

तुम मुझको कब तक रोकोगे

May 12, 2020 Scribbles 0 Comments < 1 min

Reading Time: < 1 minute मुठ्ठी में कुछ सपने लेकर, भरकर जेबों में आशाएं, दिल में है अरमान यही, कुछ कर जाएं… कुछ कर जाएं । सूरज-सा तेज़ नहीं मुझमें, दीपक-सा जलता देखोगे, अपनी हद रोशन करने से, तुम मुझको कब तक रोकोगे ।।


March 24, 2020 Architecture Software 3 min

Reading Time: 3 minutes Kubernetes is a software system that allows one to easily deploy and manage containerised application on top of it. Its aim is to provide best possible utilisation of your hardware (metal and virtual) resources while still maintaining complete isolation of hosted applications.


March 24, 2020 Architecture Software 4 min

Reading Time: 4 minutes Docker is a platform for packaging, distributing and running applications. It allows you to package your application together with its whole environment.