Energy Policy

On energy: Units and measurements

December 15, 2018 Science 2 min

Reading Time: 2 minutes Most of the world's energy is produced from fossil fuels. The purpose of this series is to investigate whether we can live without fossil fuels. Can we conceivably live sustainably?

On energy: Climate change

December 9, 2018 Science 6 min

Reading Time: 6 minutes In part I of this series, we touched upon the key motivations behind the need for a better energy policy. Anthropogenic climate change was one of them, and in this post I'd examine whether there is a point in us doing anything when "China's out of control!".

On energy

November 22, 2018 Science < 1 min

Reading Time: < 1 minute The heated debate on energy policy and anthropogenic climate change is fundamentally about numbers. But actual numbers are rarely mentioned and, instead, we are inundated with innumerate codswallop.